You have made a good choice deciding to visit Squidgy Designs. We are the ideal place to be if you have decided to invest in increasing your online visibility with a professionally designed website from our Newcastle based studio. At Squidgy Designs we will help you to become more visible amongst your competitors by working with you to build a website as brilliant as your business. We put lot of energy, skill and pride in creating beautifully crafted websites.


So, you’ve heard of Twitter, Facebook & the whole “social media” craze, but how can it help you with marketing your business. Here at Squidgy Designs we primarily offer 2 services for Social Media Training and Consultancy. Our Social Media training day offers a complete workshop on how to use sites such as Facebook & Twitter for your business. Our consultancy service really gets into the nitty gritty of working Social Media into your day to day marketing & how you can maximise these resources.


Squidgy Designs can create branding that will make your business connect with customers. Every part of your business from your website, business card and shop front (if you have one) says a lot about you. It will often be how people make their first impressions and ultimately decide if they are going to buy from you. So a little help along the way with creating your logo and the best way to carry your identity through everything you do can go a long way. Squidgy Designs will help you do just that.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, as it more often come to be known, is now not only a part of Digital Marketing, but it’s an enormous part of it. Quite simply, we as internet users, mainly use search engines, such as Google to navigate our way around the internet… so if your website isn’t SEO’d, then how will Google know it’s even there? Here at Squidgy Designs, we pride ourselves on our SEO results that we have achieved for our clients, and continue to achieve. You could have a truly amazing website, but what’s the point if no-one can find it?